House Rules

We love to hear your views, opinions and thoughts on all things shopping, what’s happening in the community, local news and what you are up to – especially when it’s about Newlands Shopping Centre – but here’s a few things we’d like to point out so that that this page stays an engaging, safe and fun place to be.

Newlands Shopping Centre is a family friendly place to shop and because of this we like to keep it light hearted and appropriate for all audiences therefore we have come up with the following guidelines which we’d like all our fans to follow:

• Please keep it friendly
• Respect other people’s opinions and views; everyone has a right to their own opinion
• Keep it relevant to Newlands Shopping Centre, its shops, local community and all the great things that go on here
• Do not demean, bully, intimidate or offend others – we will try to remove this content as soon as we can

Please remember that this is a very public group – so don’t post any of your personal information or contact details. If we need to contact one of our fans directly we will do so via private message, email or telephone

If you spot something which you think we should take a look at, please do let us know

Occasionally we may remove posts or images that are on our page, this could be for any of the following reasons:

• Offensive or inappropriate comments
• Offensive or inappropriate use of images
• Misleading or unlawful comments or use of images
• Unauthorised promotions
• Breach of copyright
• Is considered to be spam to our fans

From time to time we may also permanently block individuals, groups or companies that continuously break these guidelines or post images and content that we deem inappropriate for our fans.

We’re as passionate about Newlands Shopping Centre as you are, but sometimes we have to go home too.

We do try our best to reply to comments or question posted on Facebook but we are not here 24 hours a day – we like to get some sleep occasionally! Usually we are here Monday – Friday 9.00am to 5.30pm and sometimes at weekends too. If you have urgent queries please do contact the Centre Manager, Lorne on 07847 810 062 who will try to answer your question straight away. Alternatively visit our website because there’s a huge amount of information on there and we’re pretty certain you will find just what you’re looking for!

Newlands Shopping Centre is not affiliated with Facebook in any way and does not have control over how third parties use the information shared on the wall. It’s important that you read and understand Facebook data use policy, before posting.

Many thanks,
Your Newlands Shopping Centre Facebook Team!